Affiliate Links? WTF?!?

I know, right? They make me a bit uncomfortable too. In fact I wrote about the whole “monetization” issue over on my blog. The thing is, affiliate links really do seem like a great way for readers to support people like me, without spending any extra money. And yet it still feels like I’m trying to “trick” someone into clicking through on my affiliate links. UGH. So let’s elaborate a tiny bit…

I considered every time I post an affiliate link, to basically shout from the rooftops, “THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK, LOOK AT IT, I’M WARNING YOU, IT’S A TRAP!!!” — but while it might make me feel a bit better about using affiliate links to items, it absolutely distracts from whatever review or conversation I might be having. And it makes it seem like what I’ve written is all part of some grand scheme of mine to trick you into buying stuff. And honestly, sincerely, that’s not the point of me writing reviews. If anything, I want to make sure people DON’T buy things they will regret.

The cool part is, affiliate links really don’t cost the buyer any more money. If you click one of my affiliate links, and then buy something on Amazon — they send me a tiny bit of money that would otherwise go to Jeff Bezos. (Maybe not directly, but still) Mind you, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get enough affiliate traffic to buy my own penis-shaped space rocket, but getting a tiny bit of money that would otherwise go to one of the biggest corporations in the world is actually pretty great.

So yes, most of the links on this site, and product links I might post elsewhere for that matter, are probably affiliate links. I promise I’m not trying to trick you into buying stuff.